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a typical badass in every sport especially runnning.
Damn, that guys athletic! he's a limon.
by doubleheader May 16, 2008
An acronym for the free web development software combination of the Linux operating system, MongoDB database system, and NodeJS/Javascript programming environment/language.
We built our web application on a LiMoN stack.
by Antellect April 09, 2013
is a lemon but to define a limon is to say it is very acidic, tart, having a high concentration and being very penetrating. When used as slang it means that someone is very intense and somewhat sarcastic.
El tiene La sangre de un Limon.
by lady high May 17, 2007
A cross betwixt a lemon and a lime.
Coined by me to a friend on a bus ride to our neighborhood, shortly after spotting a poser-hobo. On our walk home from the bus stop, there is a crackhouse with a lemon tree outside. Everytime we walk by, we say, "Mmm. Damn good lemon tree." Before I graduate, we're going to go get a lemon from the tree. But what would be even BETTER than a lemon? Or a lime? Smashin' 'em together to make a limon.
Example: "Damn good limon."
by phrogg March 05, 2006
limon - possibly le coolest word on le planet. basically just a really funkeh way of saying lemon.
mmm limony goodness for my veins
by anonymynynynynynous October 19, 2004
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