Used in Norwich to define swift or quick travelling.
Explicitally used when running, driving away from the police.
"We got in the car and Hoss'd it down the road."
by part chimp January 10, 2005
Top Definition
To be raped by a large dong. named after the hoss dildo Measurements: 13 x 2.75 Inches
Damn that test was hard. It hossed me for hours
by heathen at frightfan December 03, 2009
hoss To force something,using to much force. Without finesse - hossed
You would have landed that fish,but you hossed him.
by reb January 12, 2005
To be severely drunk. Usually after a quick and repeat round of shots. For women, 3 beers (one shot). For men, 10 beers (5 shots) . Almost to the point of being blacked out. Usually one can tell if someone is hossed if they are spotted shummin' on a dance floor or in a crowded bar. What women would call "belligerent" or annoyingly "wastey-faced" . Search: shummin'
Yeah he ripped like 4 shots and was so hossed he started shummin' right there.
by GVR February 23, 2013
Used mainly in southern england, means to do something extremely quickly or well. Can be used in practically any situation.
Hurry up we need to hoss that vodka before we go!
He hossed it through the city earlier.
by norwichboi January 02, 2008
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