Canadian term popularized by the McKenzie brothers referring to someone clumsy or stupid who drinks beer excessivly.
"You hoser, eh!"
by Bowman June 16, 2002
A derogatory term for fireman
Fireman: sorry we couldn't get there in time
Guy: My house burned down ya hoser
by spiffypete January 30, 2015
Combination of calling someone a Hoe and a Loser
That girl is such a Hoser i can't believe she thinks she is cool
by pinkpan July 22, 2015
Large collection of gay guys
We were in a Canadian hotel, and in the hallways a bunch of feminine guys were making a lot of noise. Keep it down you good for nothing hosers.
by Crazy Canadians November 22, 2012
A Hoser is mostley used amongst canadians and refered to as slang for a Canadian,
It was popular bacause of the act of seifening gas from someone eles car, because canadians cant afford gas.
Then used alot by the actors Doug and Bob,
Hey what are you doing to my car,..
What? Get the fuck outa there! you fucking hooser!!

doug and bobs telve days of christmas song

Doug- Look out the window!
Bob- Where?! Whadda ya doing?
Doug- Snow, hosehead.
Bob- Wha? Oh, it's the Great White North, and it's snowing, cause it's Christmas time. Hey, hoser!
Doug- What?
Bob- Here's a quiz. Quiz for Doug.
Doug- Okay, I have my thinking touque on.
Bob- Yeah, right. What are the twelve days of Christmas? Cause, figure it out, right. Christmas is when?
Doug- Uh, the 25th.
Bob- Right, and what's the 24th, Christmas Eve, right? So, that's two. And then, what's after that?
Doug- Um... Uh, Wrestling Day.
Bob- No. Get out.
Doug- Boxing Day, yeah, yeah.
Bob- That's three. Then what's after that? Nothing.
Doug- New Year's.
Bob- Four. And what's...
Doug- New Year's Eve.
Bob- Five. Where do you get twelve?
Doug- Uh... There's two Saturdays and Sundays in there, that's four. That's nine. And, three other days, which I believe are the mystery days
by dumbhoser February 16, 2009
"Hoser" Shortened version of "Hose Head"
A term used to refer to simple minded people that siphon gas from other peoples cars using a hose. The gas money saved can then be used to buy more beer and back-bacon as well as fuel for the Coleman Stove.
Also used as a derogatory remark when refering to an idiot.
Made popular by SCTV's Bob and Doug Mackenzie on the Great White North show.
Take off you Hoser! Get me another beer eh!
by Bazm February 16, 2006
Moron, drunken fool, idiot, pudd, etc.
Everyone here is using it wrong in their examples.

It's 'ya', not 'you.'

Like.. Put down your drink and come here, ya hoser.
by erinnn February 22, 2005
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