The seam on your scrotum - the testicular seam.
"Damn, John has a long, floppy hort"
"That hort looks like a turkey neck"
"You wrinkly little hort"
"I want to get my hort pierced"
by Phillip Cowley October 24, 2004
Top Definition
1) A drunken mis-spelling of the word "hot"
2) Extreme hotness of a vaguely homosexual nature
3) What Braden is
1) "It was cool braden coame over. Yeahg. I like him, his so cool.
And he is hort... Are you lyimng? SAve this convosation"
2) Braden is hort.
3) Braden is hort.
by The Editor March 24, 2004
Any kind of person generally retarded, with a large forehead and having a twin, most often of Romanian descent and able to believe that Russia annexed their motherland. More often than not they have no friends, except for their twin.
"Hey do you see Andrea over there hanging with her sister?"
"They are such horts"
by Prefontame October 18, 2009
Hort is the state of being hot and bothered. To be or feel hort usually occurs during summer, however might be apparent after excessive exposure to heat (through activity, a heat source, or other means of heat production), combined with a feeling of agitation. Coined by W J Welburn, Adelaide, South Australia.
'Oh, for f*#k's sake! Sorry, honey. It's not your fault, I'm just feeling a bit hort.'
by Rae Wormwell October 03, 2004
Hort refers to a person who is often physically incapable of doing simple everyday tasks, often referred to as 'Hort syndrome"
when someone trys to throw an apple in the bin from 2 feet away and misses they are a Hort or someone may say "he clearly has Hort syndrome"
by Call me Betty August 02, 2011
pertaining to a whore or slut
The hort slept with my boyfriend.
by 4398320045854 November 02, 2008
Relating to snort. or sniffing.
Verb. To snort drugs or substances up your nose.
Noun. Can also refer to the actual substance. Sometimes given a one letter prefix to specify which substance. ie. C-Hort=cocaine, E-Hort=crushed ecstasy, K-Hort=Special K, G-Hort=glass or crystal meth.
Can also refer to your nose, or your "Horter"
Can refer to just about any snorting object. A straw or rolled up dollar can be refered to as a Hort-stick.
"I wanna do some C-hort tonight."
"I'm gonna hort some coke tonight."
"I did so much G-hort this weekend that my horter feels like its gonna fall off."
"Pass me that Hort-stick so i can finish this pile."
"He loves Horting, he is like Horty hort alot."
by Zac Wild October 24, 2006
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