verb: meaning having rough sex with a girl when having utter disregard and disrespect for her stritchly for the purpose of self pleasure, trying your best to completely annihilate a chick for sport
i horsed that chick 'til next week, i horsed her mouth until she choked; i horsed that swine so hard she squealed like a pigs
by R Burgandy August 28, 2007
Top Definition
shit boy, u were horsed yesterday night!
by abc September 14, 2003
to be fucked by a male horse up ur bum without ur consent!
Mr Oller looked after a horse for a day and got a ass full of horse cum!
by el tit face August 19, 2003
A Scottish term for a lengthy, rampant session of charged sexual intercourse often fuelled by alcohol. Can frequently involve accidental injury to oneself or the other party as a result of drunken miss-coordination. Frequently culminates in the male becoming flaccid and frustrated before falling asleep.
Alright love, how's about we get you home and have you 'Horsed'?
by Horsing von Gam June 30, 2009
a)When someone gets so drunk they think they'll 100% pull a member of the opposite or same sex.
b)When someone doesn't pull more than 2 people
c) when they look like a horse usually after inbredness
a) duuuude, dolman was horse'd!
b) what a horse ben is!
c) yeah ben still looks like a horse
by Peers July 11, 2008
to make love, ne to have sex with someone, more commonly someone challenged in the looks department
"You won't believe the slapper I horsed last nite!"
by czuk April 09, 2006
to make another person look like a fool, or bad at what they do
Rashiek- *jumps for ball but misses and white boy catches it*
KT- Yo horsed him
by Kunta Kinte Click Click January 12, 2006
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