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A person usually a female who is a nympho.
Sarah; man she's horny all the time.
Phil; Yeah she's a real hornbag
by [analwarts] May 06, 2003
A 'HORN BAG' is not as it suggests; a bag full of horns. It is actually Australian slang for 'A top looking bird' or a 'Good sort'..

A Very Sexy Lady
"Mate, you shudda seen her, she was absolute tops, a REAL HORN BAG'...
by Woka-Woka May 18, 2005
AKA Kimberly Diane Craig nee Day of "Kath & Kim".

synonym: foxymoron
I'm a hornbag. You should see the looks I get.
by justiceleague May 03, 2005
An individual who enjoys the act of rummaging
Jane rummaged through his drawers on a regular basis. What a hornbag Jane was!
by Jane Klaxon October 07, 2006
a sexc thang
Dale my bf is a SUPER HORNBAG!!! i love you :)
by \m/ Emiloi June 06, 2004