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A person usually a female who is a nympho.
Sarah; man she's horny all the time.
Phil; Yeah she's a real hornbag
by [analwarts] May 06, 2003
someone who attracts attractive women with out the need of handcuff a big stick a rifle shotgun or any other forms of coercion. opposite of a stalking rapist which may need all or some of the above.
Johnny: Man I saved a girl from rape last night
Kenny: You did?
Johnny: I changed my mind.
Kenny: Fuck your lame you an anti-babemagnet.
Johnny: fuck you(pulls out his Gat).
Kenny:What you gonna do blow me away.
Johnny: Put that thing away peewee
Kenny:pass me another blunt nigga.....
by [analwarts] May 06, 2003
A person usually male who's really good at a game which is usually snap bingo jump rope or some such.
Dickie: playa you got a game.
Fredrick: Yes my home friend I got game get it hehe hehe.
Dickie: Shut the fuck up fool you gonna be a dead mofo soon.
by [analwarts] May 06, 2003
A very hairy woman. Usually but not always ugly. usually has a beard hairy legs and or hairy ass and muffler.
dan:dat bitch is a fucking baboon
George Bush: No Mr Rather she's a fucking monkey. Hey Dan did I say you could stop sucking my dick, oh thats good you nasty little twink
by [analwarts] May 06, 2003
A man dressed in womans clothing aka;
Bill: my granny is tranny she has cock in frock.
Chen: Stop flucking making fun of me.
by [analwarts] May 06, 2003
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