the only word that rhymes with orange.
Dude, that is so... horange.
by salty September 14, 2004
Top Definition
n, adj, adv, v, conjunction or preposition that pertains to anything that is good, evil, bad, cool, or monkey
That orange is horange!
I horange you.
You horanging idiot.
Horange was at my house.
There was a dog horange cat.

Or this poem using the word horange
There once lived an orange at the store,
who was the biggest of oranges for sure.
Then one day,
Paul came to say
"this orange is quite horange"
and the orange lived no more.
by OrangeIsHorange March 04, 2005
an adjective that describes something really orange and cool
this orange is horange!
by yourMOM August 13, 2004
A girl of questionable morals who gets cheap spray tans.
Snooki is an horange.
by Eyretech September 22, 2011
n. Natural wooden stick used to tend to a bonfire.
Hand me the horange, I need to stir the coals.
by evilkowz July 04, 2011
The act of faking sluttiness to attract an attractive person of the opposite sex. See whore slut fake dishonest
Penelope tried to horange at the party to get Kyle's attention, even though she is a shy girl. lying whore
by suitupforever December 04, 2011
A cool orange object or thing
This word is derived from Anthony Yeo's Profile- even though it is currently blue
Anthony's profile is so horange!(even though it is blue at the moment)
by Wanthony (Wei + Anthony) August 18, 2004

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