While taking someone from behind, you pull their arms back while lifting them up off the bed. You then proceed to angle them downward rubbing their face on the carpeted floor while making "vroom vroom" noises.
Dude, I totally busted out the Hoover Maneuver on that broad last night...

Yeah, she kicked me out after, but it was worth it!
by El V December 27, 2007
Top Definition
1. An abortion;

2. Giving someone a hickie;

3. Accidentally sucking in and breaking something with a vacuum cleaner;

4. Attempting to blackmail someone back into a romantic relationship with threats of suicide, self-harm, or threats of false criminal accusations. Often associated with Borderline Personality Disorder. A hoover ;

5. When a company outsources your job to a country outside of the United States to save money;

6. Oral stimulation of the penis, vagina, or rectum. A blowjob;

7. Purposely taking advantage of others by borrowing things and not returning them.
1. I got her pregnant. Cost me $750 for the hoover maneuver and $100 for roses. Beats child support every time.
2. If you go out with Justin, wear a turtle neck to protect yourself from the hoover maneuver. A stun gun will help, too.
3. I shredded the lamp cord – sorry mom – bad hoover maneuver. Next time, maybe you should do the vacuuming.
4. My BPD ex-girlfriend tried a hoover maneuver – said she would kill herself if I didn’t go back with her. WTF?
5. IBM used a hoover maneuver to relocate my job to India. Think I'll move there to get it back.
6. On my birthday I asked for a hoover maneuver. I got an upright model. Primo!
7. Marcus acquired all his lawn tools using the hoover maneuver. I asked him if he wanted to borrow my wife.
by wiki-dude September 15, 2010
The Hoover Maneuver is the fifth step in the sexual combo "Cave Canem." The move itself begins in the Wheelbarrow position. The driver of the wheelbarrow then sweeps the wheelbarrow's arms out from under them and drags them across the carpet.
She fell in love with the Wheelbarrow after I introduced it to her. I finished her off last night with the Hoover Maneuver; don't mention the rug burns on her chin.
by Warmpain May 01, 2010
You begin in normal freaky-move starting position (doggy style). The woman is on all fours. In a swift motion, you take her arms and pull them to the side, making her face fall to the ground. Then you start walking around, making vaccuum noises. It's easy, fun, and keeps your floor clean.
Dude, I used the Hoover Manuver on Cindi last night and now she has rug-burn on her forehead.
by On your knees, bitch November 24, 2003
A Hoover Maneuver is when a man tries to give himself a blow job with a vacuum cleaner.
Malcom had to go the hospital last night as a result of an injury sustained during a Hoover Maneuver.
by Grimacci June 01, 2013
When you are having one of these oral sex or sex and you cum on the ground and pick your bitch up by her bottom legs and rub her face in it like a vacuum cleaner.
Dude at work last night chode nose gave steven a hoover maneuver.
by skull fucker69@pgt4life March 15, 2010
A risky act a man does 2 a partner during doggystyle intercourse in which the unexpecting "receiver" has their arms knocked from beneath them by the "giver" and the "giver" then rubs the "receivers" face into the carpet.
I pulled the "hoover maneuver" on her, now she has rugburn on her face.
by K8 da GR8 (KEYS) / Cheff Ric November 09, 2010
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