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the art of dodging track practice because you a)suddenly have every injury and illness known to mankind, b)need to go to any one of a million clubs you were never in before, or c)don't have time and generally suck at it anyway. Alludes to the feeble, cowardly call of an overworked and crippled owl.
O man, I suck at track and can't come to practice today because I hav...hoot hoot hoot hoot hoot...
by hp track December 09, 2005
3 7
Taken from the owl-like pokemon, who also bears a resemblance to Paul
Paul, you are such a Hoot Hoot.
by dookiegoo February 01, 2005
30 9
A cooter. The common term is Vagina.
See bread box
My hoot hoot bleeds for you.
by Ali July 19, 2004
7 20
It mean hello in any american language
"Hoot Hoot"
by gabby December 08, 2003
7 26