Used to describe something desirable/cool.
"That's such a hoopy towel you've got there! Where'd you get it?"
by Eccentrica Gallumbits May 05, 2006
Someone you really love, your loved one, or someone you care about.
I want you to be my hoopy.
by MelissaM August 30, 2007
an interjection that expresses pleasure
Man, that concert last night was totally hoopy!
by xaq August 19, 2003
poop, that has hair in it probably swalloed or off your anuuuuus
dude, i had a HOOPY today it was CR@ZY!!!
by yellowgrassontheconcrete July 10, 2008
One who plays hoops (basketball) i.e. a black man.
Watch out for them hoopies...
by baffyB August 12, 2004

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