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see above definition, but anywhere in the Pennsylvania-West Virginia-Ohio tri-state region. Usually associated with trailer parks, dirty hair, and heavy metal band tee-shirts. See trucks and dirtbikes and hoopie mall.
If you drive down to Brady's Run in the spring, past the trialer park, you'll pass all them hoopies out with their 70's era cars on blocks and their Natty Ice.
by TheConcierge April 14, 2005
An insult (worse than hillbilly) given to residents of West Virginia. According to history, the city of East Liverpool OH, across the river from WV, was an important maker of pottery. West Virginia residents looking for work in the area were only skilled enough to bang together the metal strips that would make the hoops needed for barrel construction.
We're playing the Mountaineers in basketball? They're a bunch of stupid hoopies.
by Faceless July 27, 2007
(n) someone who is very greasy.
(adj) someone who wears mini shorts and a loose shirt, or has a muffin top going on.
(n) someone who is trailer trash, shops at the good will, etc.
In Alliance, OH if you go to the Carnation Festival, you will see lots of hoopies wearing flannels, cut offs, greasy ass hair, not shaved face, and some might even have about 8 teeth or less.
by igetoffonthedaily July 27, 2011
a local resident living in a college town in central PA, often mullet clad and wearing flannel. Sometimes even found using the electricity in the 24 hour laudramat to power their juice maker, hoopies try and pick up college girls using a thug like accent in local bars.
kate "that hoopie child just bit my chapstick!"

kaufhold "so this hoopie tried to pick me up at chucks..."

"not every hoopie can pull off a rat tail like sally yohn"
by Charlotte Hughes April 04, 2005
A homemade vehicle for back road use.
They are usually built using an old car or truck frame with the drivetrain parts intact.They are very minimal and are used for off road purposes as they have very few parts that can be damaged by collisions with trees,rocks,and other obstructions.
Rural settings are the only place you will ever see one of these creations because they are strictly illegal for use on any highway.
To get an idea of what a Hoopie looks like,think of the Beverly Hillbilly's truck (actually an Oldsmobile Touring Car) without any kind of body.
Seeing a Hoopie can bring good luck.
by Rick Turner August 11, 2006
In AZ it is a car that is or at least should not be street legal loud pipes etc ( also cheep car ) .
Man Jacks car is in the shop and now all he has to drive is thay old hoopie. or
His car was nice till the wreck now it's just a hoopie.
by JO-JO from the AZ August 05, 2009
When someone is caught in the act of doing something pointless, they are referred to as a "hoopie." Kinda of like a "dumb blonde."
She watered the grass the day after it rained. She's a Hoopie!
by Softballislife July 02, 2009
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