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A ramshackle car. Or, in other words, an old dilapidated vehicle in severe disrepair. A hoop-dee is probably unsafe for most of the general population to drive/ride around in, especially children, those who are pregnant, the disabled and elderly.

Didya see the hoop-dee that he bought off Craig's list? It's kinda rough. I really hope he doesn't drive his pregnant girlfriend around in that.
by OomaDeOoman January 25, 2012
A certain crowed of People.
A circle of Friends.
Staying within ones group.
People you hang out with.
Part of a club or group.
Staying within a certain click.
We have a pretty large Hoop dee.
We try to stay within our own Hoop dee at School.
by Robert Michael Hensel April 10, 2008
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