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to travel at a high velocity, preferrably in a car.
He fucking hooned it down that straight!
by Danger mouse February 12, 2004
1. An insult or derogitory word directed at someone acting in a homosexual manor.

2. A beastly person, or animalian human being.

3. A rancor or other huge mythological creature

4. Someone looking for casual, no strings attached sex
1. Get off me you dirty hoon!

2. Man, did you see that dude walk by, what a hoon he was!

3. I swear when I was walking home, this hoon looking ma fuk was staring at me!

4. "This girl kept coming up to me wanting to take me home"
-Why didn't you?
" That hoon was way to smashed!! It woudln't have been morally correct"
by jsmafuk69 June 15, 2009
One that likes to drink and party..
Are you going hooning this weekend?
by Baby Muppet November 01, 2004
To ride one's motorcycle either alone or in a group. Can be determined and high speed, or just out for a Sunday run.
1: "Good hoon?" "Yeah, lamped it down the A13 at 130mph!"
2: "We're off for a hoon at the weekend - probably going to take in some Oxfordshire twisties, maybe stop for lunch if we find a nice pub".
by Norm September 08, 2003
to do unlawful acts wile in control of a vehicle.
we are goin' for a oon you wana come too.
by derek February 22, 2005
An American slang referencing an attractive woman or one that would warrant a shag under any circumstances.
Did you see that hoon?

I love hoons!
by Hoon Hitter September 26, 2007
ye who creates donutes with automobiles or boats
look at that fucking hoon in the water
by casey September 07, 2003
(noun) a term used to describe marijuana
Do you have any hoon?, Let's blow some hoon., Where's the hoon?
by PatchisLive November 27, 2007