to be a snob, also trying to get as much attention as possible. Is asian but not in a good way..
also means to wax your man bits.
Person 1: stop being so hoon!
by lololroflinglol August 14, 2008
Another word for ultimate or Ultimacy.
Hoon is possibly the greatest Asian in the world.
"Wow. That dude is the Hoon guitar player."
by Stu Bawden March 15, 2005
a durogatory term meaning a hair that grows out of the tip of a penis
1. Jason just plucked a long black hoon out of his weiner.

2. Chris got drunk and wrecked his new car. What a hoon!
by meela June 20, 2005
to be excessively gay; being gay to the utmost degree.
The color red makes David look like a hoon.
by Rich-kid April 30, 2008
One who is only attracted to minorites.
Look at that hoon all over the black girl.
by Jake February 07, 2005
a male chicken, or one who is hoony and loony
hoon loon phoon moon coon roon shooooooooooooooon
by rachel gelman September 18, 2004
the apparatus used to remove blackheads from your ear.
horace, you should see the log i got out when i used the hoon.
by meghan and jenny July 19, 2003
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