A word used to describe a person who uses cars, motorcycles, or marine power vessels for recreation and fun instead of getting from A to B.
Bystander: "Wow that man is enjoying himself letting the power of his beast lay rubber all over the road whilst the car moves at an extremly dangourous speed of about 2Km/H!"

Cop/Granny/Journalist: "Arrest that hoon at once! they are having too much fun!"
by that red toyota that flew past January 08, 2009
Fast, reckless driver
The police arrested that hoon
by Rodolphe May 17, 2005
Hoon (verb)

The word hoon has many uses, much like the word fuck
It can be applied to many actions, and generally denotes the domination of that action.
"I could really hoon a burger right about now"

"shall we hoon?" - (caution! Can mean "leave this place" or "have sex")

"yeah man, i hooned her good"

"that guy was hooning around town in his car all night"

"sweet, i'll hoon round to your place soon"

"lets hoonbuckle" (go from here)
by H.Rose January 22, 2009
A vulgar alternative to the word "cunt".
The prime minister in an utter hoon.
Or, I drank 8 pints of lager and got completely hooned.
by stoudman April 13, 2009

another word for a cigarette
Guy 1: yo, lemme get checks of that hoon guy

Guy 2: no way, ive already given you like 5 butts tonight
by E-mil 2011 August 06, 2010
to go fast, at impressively dangerous speeds, associated particularly with matcho extreme sports eg snowboarding
S1: whoa, I totally hooned it down that red run
S2: yeah dude, that was sick
by LUYD November 10, 2009
1. An insult or derogitory word directed at someone acting in a homosexual manor.

2. A beastly person, or animalian human being.

3. A rancor or other huge mythological creature

4. Someone looking for casual, no strings attached sex
1. Get off me you dirty hoon!

2. Man, did you see that dude walk by, what a hoon he was!

3. I swear when I was walking home, this hoon looking ma fuk was staring at me!

4. "This girl kept coming up to me wanting to take me home"
-Why didn't you?
" That hoon was way to smashed!! It woudln't have been morally correct"
by jsmafuk69 June 15, 2009
boston area slang for tobacco cigarette.
Yo dude lemme grab a hoon ked?
by frieda khalo February 25, 2007

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