Adjective used to describe music or a song that has an addictive hook. Used especially by DJ's and record collectors as a descriptive term.
All the records that Carl Cox plays are super fucking hooky.
by shimmy shimmy coco-pop November 01, 2006
Top Definition
Absence without leave; truancy.
All John does is play hooky from school and stay home & do drugs.
by illEATurHARTout March 12, 2004
ditching school, when you are a minor.
Huck, let's play hooky and go fishing.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 08, 2005
Hooky - a term used mainly in London and Southern England to describe people, items or situations that are dodgy, crooked, bent or just plain below-board. Often used in conjunction with gear to describe items that are possibly stolen or otherwise "hot".
"I got this hooky dvd player from a guy down the Winchester."

"He's got a bootload of hooky D&G bags from the continent."

"Is this stuff hooky?"

"Steer clear, mate. Sounds hooky to me."
by Mondo Kane September 24, 2004
1: Ditching school cause:

a: you hate it

b: it's terrible

c: something terrible has happened
2: a freshly stolen object
3: a type of jam where you have hooks stuck in your clothes
1: Fuck school, Fuck homework!, i going to play hooky
2: Dude! is that a hooky phone?!
3: Sorry i was late, i was in a bit of a hooky
by Your Best Idiot April 23, 2010
A nickname for Peter Hook, bassist in Joy Division and then New Order, as well as side projects Revenge and Monaco. Uniquely, his bass takes the role of a lead guitar in most Joy Divison and New Order songs. He plays it at round about knee level and staggers about and appears to be fighting with it.
Hooky is a grumpy sod, but a fantastic bass player.
by C. H. June 24, 2005
somethin dodgy, stollen or obtained illeaglly. usually something of value and admiratin.
new rides hooky. or got me new phone on the hook.
hook us some crank man?
by future history December 10, 2005
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