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To meet up with someone. To hang out. Anything like that.
girl: Hey wanna hook up with Sally on Sunday?
boy: Ok!
by Grace and Kellsey May 21, 2005
When two people get together for date-like activities. does not have to be sexual. Can also be someone hooking up two other people
Tony and Hannah were hooking up two people the other day.
by Trixter August 08, 2006
According to Moe's laws of physics, "hooking up" is the act of having a conversation with the opposite sex.
Moe: Hi.
Anna: Hello.
Moe: Hey guys, i hooked up with Anna today.
by pimp October 06, 2004
The act of giving drugs to another.
Some crack dealers must have really hooked up some of the losers writing definitions for 'hooking up'.
by Simon Says Go Fuck Yourself March 22, 2004