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14 definitions by nerm

verb: to engage in any type of sexual activity.
noun: 1. purposely ambiguous, equivocal word to describe almost any sexual action. usually used to exaggerate or minimize what exactly happened. a hook-up can range from a make-out session to full out sex.
2. person you hook up with
a: "so what did you guys do last night."
b: "welll, you know...we hooked up."
a: "come on! that could mean anything. give me details!
by nerm November 06, 2004
3413 1292
girl: ass and boobs felt up to having clit rubbed

guy: ass felt up to having penis rubbed through pants
girl: "he didn't finger me, but there was a lot of heavy petting going on."

guy: "i enjoyed the heavy petting but i wish she had actually given me a hand job!"
by nerm November 06, 2004
749 298
someone who is primarily homosexual but can find someone of the opposite sex appealing.
i would say that i'm lesbian but sometimes i find men attractive, and im definitely not bi. i guess you could call me homoflexible.
by nerm November 16, 2004
336 153
abbreviation for los angeles
l.a. is the titest city ever.
by nerm November 06, 2004
165 62
a mean thing to call someone who is multi-racial.
she's a mut.
by nerm November 20, 2003
198 168
spanish for spanglish
no puedo hablar inglés bien. entonces hablo ingléspañol con los americanos
by nerm November 16, 2004
36 9
in music, when the song slows down. but it can be used to call some one a retard or slow.
you're such a ritardando!
by nerm November 19, 2003
17 6