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it begins with a couple drinks and ends with you sneaking out in the morning.
Bob hooked up with Carol. Carol never got the next day phone call.
by carl meier December 05, 2003
Pretty much just French Kissing (Kissing with toungue) :D
did you see Bob hooking up with Fran the other night.
by tah-ya_93 September 15, 2008
Hooking up means kissing. If you are only 14 it is a peck... anything else dosnt matter
Melissa was hooking up with 2 guys at the same time. Don't tell her neighbor, no big deal.
by janene September 22, 2007
if you're "hooking up" with someone that means you've hooked up more then once and have been for a while
to "hook up" with someone means you made out and probably went farther (especially if you were both drunk)
We've been hooking up for a while now.

Dude, I can't believe she hooked up with him. What was she thinking?!
She was drunk.
by girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl September 28, 2005
This is when psuedocylomates (certain worms) use their "hooks" to have sex. This is a very effective and fun way to reproduce.
Hey dude did u see Jane and Erica hooking up. Yea dude it was sexy as hell.
by I live in Ohio June 23, 2006
To meet up with someone. To hang out. Anything like that.
girl: Hey wanna hook up with Sally on Sunday?
boy: Ok!
by Grace and Kellsey May 21, 2005
When two people get together for date-like activities. does not have to be sexual. Can also be someone hooking up two other people
Tony and Hannah were hooking up two people the other day.
by Trixter August 08, 2006