the act of a man and women making out.
tigga and swigga like hooking up when they are together
by swiggalicious June 05, 2009
to have casual sex or make out with a friend with benefit or stranger.
guy 1:"are you two dating?"

guy 2:" no we're just friends who are hooking up for sex every now and then!"
by shorty1985 May 18, 2006
Hooking up means kissing. If you are only 14 it is a peck... anything else dosnt matter
Melissa was hooking up with 2 guys at the same time. Don't tell her neighbor, no big deal.
by janene September 22, 2007
Pretty much just French Kissing (Kissing with toungue) :D
did you see Bob hooking up with Fran the other night.
by tah-ya_93 September 15, 2008
if you're "hooking up" with someone that means you've hooked up more then once and have been for a while
to "hook up" with someone means you made out and probably went farther (especially if you were both drunk)
We've been hooking up for a while now.

Dude, I can't believe she hooked up with him. What was she thinking?!
She was drunk.
by girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl September 28, 2005
When two people have sex.
-"Tasha is going home with Mark after the party."
-"Oh, you know they are going to be hooking up tonight."
by Shina Buller November 16, 2003
This is when psuedocylomates (certain worms) use their "hooks" to have sex. This is a very effective and fun way to reproduce.
Hey dude did u see Jane and Erica hooking up. Yea dude it was sexy as hell.
by I live in Ohio June 23, 2006
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