The act of being a hooker; Selling your body for sexual favors.

Working the streets and/or a corner.

What Nick and Paco do In Walla Walla, Washington.
God, look at that person hookering that corner!
by Nikolaii November 16, 2009
Top Definition
the act of being a hooker or the act of selling yourself.
You want to come hookering in our neighborhood.
Shouldn't you be hookering somewhere.
by Pimpin Dark February 26, 2005
the act of actually being a hooker in public or performing multiple sexual favors to multiple persons
I heard Susie was out hookering one night and she let someone give her a dirt sanchez
by penisinyourmouth March 06, 2005
The be a hooker. The oldest profession.
I'm sure hookering is the oldest profession in the world. Said Meeleta to ducky and river.
by Thesquattingduck July 09, 2014
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