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A commonly used slang term for prostitute. The word is used to refer to a woman who recieves payment for sexual pleasures she gives to the man she is employed by. Popular legend has it that the term "hooker" came from the American Civil War. There are many different versions of the legend involving Major General Joseph Hooker. A common one: Originally called "camp followers" prostitutes would follow the camps of the army. It was the job of the commanding general to make sure that these women were kept away from the soldiers camps. However, General Hooker never bothered to do so. They soon became known as "Hooker's other army" because they could be seen throughout the Union camps. Later it was shortened to "hookers." There are more still that tell of men questioning the identity of the ladies and being told "They're Hooker's" as in, belonging to Hooker, but the name stuck. Despite the many stories, this may or may not be true. The term "hooker" was used in print as early as the 1830's (years before Hooker was a public figure, and around 30 years before he was the head of the Army of the Potomac.) He was not a "pimp" in any way, as a select few rumor him to be, and was quite a good officer despite his failures. His name, however, seems to be linked to these women who sell their bodies for money.
"Look at how she's dressed. She looks like a hooker."
by I Love Erik July 24, 2008

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