1. When 2 people decide that they want to have a fun relationship
2. Getting together to have a great time anywhere
3. Going official with the person you've been with
4. Liking the person you are with
We hooked up a long time ago!
by Waterhouse April 23, 2005
From the medieval battle grounds. Comprises the entaglement of two Bills on the bill-line, and shouted as a warning to others, should the bills flick upward to the face or groin when detatched.
See Bills
by Taz June 02, 2004
1. To get one's dick wet
2. Making out does not count
You: Dude, I hooked up with this chick last night.
Me: Oh yeah, what did you do?
You: We made out and cuddled.
Me: Bullshit, you didn't hook up.
You: but she shacked with me.
Me: Your dick didn't get wet, therefore you didn't hook up.
by bushandchode September 24, 2006
ur friend, ur homie
what up, hook-up
what the deal is, hook-up
how much, hook-up
response: coke
by YoungCali August 28, 2003
sqeeze out a cleveland steamer
when we hook up,she always gives me a cleveland steamer
by yoo momma June 26, 2006
to become boyfriend and girlfriend.
So, Tina...you wanna hook-up?
by kyle January 29, 2004
Clothing that goes together

i.e. if you got white pants with blue and red stripes and a white/blue/red shirt with white/red/blue hat with white/red/blue shoes, you're hooked up
Dude came in with the hook up man, he was stylin.
by pwnz0r September 20, 2003

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