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a term used to describe someone who is hooked in and believing it. Mostly used when someone is picking up chicks with some crappy pickup line (ex: is there a mirror in your pocket? cause i can see myself in your pants) and having the girl believe it.
"hey look, max is trying to pick up jacky with that lame pickupline. what a douche."

"i wouldnt say that looks like hes got hook line and sinker."

"oh........ god dammit......."
by Maryjane Hope May 31, 2005
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completely, totally
He got drunk hook, line, and sinker. (example of hook line and sinker)
by The Retrun of Light Joker July 24, 2010
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verb - the act of pulling back on your dick and then letting it go. This will cause your penis to fly towards the opposite direction in which you pulled. It is at this moment when the tip of your penis hits the inner corner of a woman's mouth causing her to look like a fish with a hook caught in it's mouth.
My girlfriend just opened her mouth and I just pulled back on my johnson and let him free. Hook Line and Sinker!
by Gonz!!! May 04, 2009
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