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A deceivingly titillating woman with a festering pussy, usually African American but occasionally White. They can dress well but often times they take fashion to several levels beyond ridiculous and spend 85% of their measly income (or government checks) on clothes and personal accessories. The Hoochie population is concentrated in the Dirty South.

They are gold digging robots with several high priority life objectives which are; to get fucked by Negroes with the biggest dick and highest social status (they prefer dope boys with lots of money to spend on them). Small dicked dudes are exceptional as long as they are caked up. They drive economy cars, entry level luxury sedans, or affordable (Kia, Hyundai, Toyota) mid sized sedans painted in loud colors with at least 20" chrome (sometimes rented) wheels on them. More and more hoochies are being seen driving cars on the LX platform like Chrysler 300's, Chargers and Magnums.

Very nice clothes, shoes and personal accessories are the second most extremely important things in their lives, if they can't have this, they feel that there is absolutely no purpose in life and become depressed.

They treat their children (minimum - two) like neglected pets and tickets to free money from the government in the form of welfare checks and child support.

Personal hygiene is of low priority to a hoochie. She showers everyday but can't wash away the bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, chamydia, ghonareah, HIV/AIDS(occasionally), and the dank, rank smell between their legs. So they use lots of fragrances and body wash to mask their coochie odor.

A hoochie's vaginal canal is the largest, deepest orifice on their body. It can accommodate a watermelon and two baseball bats without lube or effort.

Hoochies are very dangerous and will most likely cause a nigga to end up shot into a holey bloody heap of dead dumb nigga.
Toya: I heard Taytay still fuckin wit dat hoochie bitch Porsha from Sistrunk. She is suckin the money straight outta that nigga.

Lameisha: I heard Taytay got beat to death wit Churches chicken drumsticks last night! Real fucked up, all cause of Porsha stank pussy ass.

Toya: For real?!! Damn and last month she got Latavius shanked 21 times by T-Bird soon as he got outta prison. And Rodrod.... somebody raped the poor boy wit a corn on a cob from churches chicken!!!

Lameisha: Might be the same nigga dat beat Taytay to death girl!

Toya: Oo damn you smart.
by Timdot May 10, 2008
a female who appears to match a set of characteristics including: trashy, often inappropriately tight dress (with or without pudge overflowing waistband); eyebrows shaved and penciled back on in dramatic fashion; heavy, mostly monotonic makeup with dark lipstick; large, gaudy, costume-grade jewlery. Frequently accompanied by multiple children from different fathers (see baby-daddy).
"Damn, did you Estela's sister at the sideshow last night? Sportin' a camel toe through her jeans, cornrows, you know she's a straight-up hoochie"
by Jay-dub May 19, 2004
A woman usually defined as being a promiscuous or other wise a slut. To be a true hoochie, a woman must be labled by a collection of other jealous females.
Did you see what Yolanda was wearing. All the guys were staring at her ass hanging out of those dukes. She is such a hoochie.
by javaboy January 24, 2003
a woman who dresses in tight clothes and wears a large amount of makeup
Damn! Did you see Mindy with her titty hanging out on the dance floor? What a hoochie...
by Angel April 26, 2005
a girl/woman who advertises herself in such ways: small, tight clothes, sometimes no clothes, has a lot of public sex, slutty, too flirtatious, or a prostitution. Most of the time, has a negative reputation.
There was a hoochie walking down the hallway at school today.
by Hol Marie October 24, 2005
A female who dresses up and/or acts in an improper manner in order to gain the attention of males. Also known as a "slut" or hoe in some circles. Hoochies are often needy, annoying, loud, abnoxious and think their shit dont stink. They live of recieving attention. AKA Attention Whore
Yo that girl's straight Hoochie Status right now
by DjKlutch October 20, 2010
Hoochie is a word often used to describe women associated with rap videos or women who are willing to expose themselves in a similar fashion for fame or money.

A hoochie can also be used to describe any woman who dresses in a way DIRECTLY targeted to get attention from men, while she will shoot down and condemn any guy who tries to give her a compliment while she will hook up with any guy who treats her like trash or offers her drugs.
Example 1: Mama always told me don't end up like the hoochies in the rap videos.
Example 2: Rebecca has been acting like a real hoochie lately, she could have left the party with a doctor but Riley got her again.
by RealAlHarvinger July 04, 2014
SLutty chick who bums drinks off men at the bar and lives with her estranged babys daddy rent free in a shitty town. Easy to identify because they call other chicks Hoochies when theyare in fact the queen hoochie.
"Look at Beth, she's over there bummin drinks again. What a fuckin Hoochie Mama"
by Mayor of Malone January 11, 2011