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some one who seems to be poor/ in finace trouble
like they have no shoes.
person: man your a moge
moge: nah bro
person: were are ya shoes
moge: your jelouse what ya gonna do mish up town in ya fancy shoes?
by waggle-waggle March 10, 2004
to go- move etc
man im gonna mish thru town
im gona mish all ova this city
by waggle-waggle March 10, 2004
a female who seems to be a `dog`, `ho` or `slut` because she can be seen with many men at one time or because she wear less then un approprete clothing...
may also be a `video ho` (dances in the back of video clips)
she was a hoochie!!! bouncin her bootie on that video! what a slut!!!
by waggle-waggle March 06, 2004
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