a woman who dresses in tight clothes and wears a large amount of makeup
Damn! Did you see Mindy with her titty hanging out on the dance floor? What a hoochie...
by Angel April 26, 2005
a female who is a prerogative and don't give a damn what anybody thinks of her
you can get kicked off a plane for being a hoochie
by ~.~whistle~.~ March 30, 2010
a dirty slut ; ugly , greasy hair , no one likes them , thinks they are the shit .
Guy 1: Did you see Tea last night ?
Guy 2: Yeah! She's such a hoochie
by luverrr gurl _ 12345 April 12, 2009
A promiscuous woman(especially a prostitute)
Why does that hoochie think that she can just barge in here uninvited and star fliting with my friends?
by Light Joker August 20, 2004
a female from the 'hood that is generally known for smokin weed, drinkin 40's, and givin up that pussy. (could sometimes be a thug bitch as well, usually unemployed and "on the county")
Damn, them hoochies aint about shit. Let's just get 'em fucked up and FUCK!
Damn, I'd sho' love to fuck that hoochie!
by BigSloMo April 28, 2006
as described by snoop dogg when explaining to Jimmy Kimmel, as "A Ho, with a Big Butt" see "Ho"
That hoochie has been running through my mind all day
by Mr.Cool November 13, 2003
A Hoochie is someone who likes to flaunt the goods they have.Most people call them sluts but its only out of jelousy.A Hoochie is someone who likes to go out for a night of fun in some really tight clothing with tops and skirts that look like there to small.A Hoochie is Manley someone who knows how to party!
"Omg Look at Katie and Tayia,They look like such Hoochies in those outfits"
by Tayia September 18, 2005
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