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Disneyhood refers to a district where the young and affluent have displaced an urban jungle with a theme park of fusion restaurants, appointment-only boutiques and heirloom cocktail lounges.

A few old guard local residents and other tokens of the neighborhood's gritty past are retained by local realtors to lend a thin layer of urban panache for newly arrived boutiques and trust fund-financed artist lofts.
INVESTMENT BANKER: "Dude, I would not go partying in the lower east side after midnight, you can't get a cab, the cabbies are afraid of getting robbed"

ARTIST WITH RENT CONTROLLED APARTMENT: "Cabdrivers are not afraid of lower east side, that is Disneyhood! They just don't want your drunk ass throwing up in their cab"
by 415man94102 May 12, 2010
A large, curvy womans ass , or the rear profile of a woman with a very generous rear view of her larger than normal buttocks.

Usually associated with the hour glass figure type of woman, where the ass is suprisingly large.
Did you see the back porch on her? The term "back porch" is over emphasized in a conspiratorial tone of voice, to ensure that the listener understands that one is referring to a womans body.
by 415man94102 June 03, 2006
1# Grossly insenstive, blantant lack of consideration or forethought; social ineptitude.

2# One who is on the verge of being deemed a stark, raving asshole.
DUDE: uh, I know invited you out for dinner, but I uh...left my wallet at home.
CHICK: Can you pay me later tonight?
DUDE: uh...not all of it, I just paid rent...but at least 10 or 15 bucks...does that mean you're staying over?
CHICK: Dude...Not Cool.
by 415man94102 June 04, 2014
A woman who has knowingly lost interest in sex due to the use of SSRI anti-depressants.

Oftentimes, these women are fully aware of the fact that the SSRI's have eliminated, or sharply reduced their libido, but they don't care, some women even see a reduction of sexual urges as being beneficial.
CHICK ---- Every since I started taking Lexapro I don't feel so miserable and I'm better at my job now, but I could care less about sex.

DUDE (Chick's soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend) --- You feel BETTER now that your not having sex with me? That's just great..

CHICK ---- It's not that I dislike sex with you, I just don't care, why bother?

DUDE --- Why bother? No sex will end our relationship!

CHICK ---- I'm in a better place with the Lexapro, I don't need your negative energy

DUDE --- You're an SSRI spinster...I can't be with you anymore
by 415man94102 March 01, 2012
An exceedingly sanitized, controlled setting that rings false
VISITOR: Dude, what happened to all of the strip clubs, hookers and street musicans in the Times Square area? This look likes a shopping center mall!

RESIDENT:The strip clubs, hookers and street musicans were theme-parked out of existence...
by 415man94102 April 01, 2011
Phil Collins is a pussy, but Glenn Frey is a lame pussy. Lame Pussy is an ineptitude and spinelessness combined. Lower in stature than pussy ass bitch
"Christian Bale was a lame pussy"


"Lame pussy GLA Scud missiles...
What I hate are pussy weapons like this.
They are relatively indiscriminate and there's no defence against them"


"Putting motherfuckers out their misery
And watching the murders reenacted on Unsolved Mysteries Trick, coward lame pussy ass faggot"

Geto Boys/Bring it On

by 415man94102 September 04, 2008
hoochie refers to a womans vagina, or any part of her pubic hair region. A playful, amusing way to refer to a woman's pussy without the usual negative connatations.

Similiar to coochie, but with a more provacative flair
When she bent over I could see her hoochie, because she didn't have any panties on
by 415man94102 May 30, 2006
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