A children's TV programme originally on Channel 4 featuring four coloured sponge-like things named; Iver, Tula, Roma and of course, Zainab
"Hooble-toodle-doo, the Hoobs is on! It's ZAINY ZAINAB and her many tolls"
by zainabmasood April 16, 2009
to inhale marijuana smoke; to become intoxicated
I took a rip off the John Glascock and got all hoobed up.
by Jonny B. Gorfed October 20, 2003
A horse boob or something that looks like a horse boob
That chick is so fat she has hoobs
by Drew April 03, 2005
Something that a n00b accidentally typed up when they were looking up something inappropiate.
God *********! That stupid n00b typed up hoob!
by 10823u4102r June 06, 2009
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