someone who is so smart and have depth that their ideas and emotions will continue for infinity hence the infinity sign in hoobastank's name.
Even if you think they stank. But you just dont understand their depth.
you know that dude you all made fun of back in the day? ya well now he's a genius. if only you would have appreciated the hoobastank maybe he could have tutored you. now he's a sucessful inventor.
by sarah April 18, 2004
Top Definition
An extremely mediocre band.
i've listened to all of my good music, and I don't want to listen to bad music, so I'll listen to hoobastank.
by Clarrissa Langley May 09, 2004
When you are having sex "doggy style" and all of a sudden you smell something (if one the people had not wipped themselves very well..) that smell is hoobastank
it is not a good smell...
by lance January 21, 2005
commonly used in lonely island's work, such as The 'Bu, starring Jorma Taccone (sexy), the incredible Andy Samberg and the lesser known (but still cute)Akiva Schaffer, according to him he is the director and doesn't get recognized at the don't know exactly how this word pertains to the work...but you should know they use it alot.
HOOBASTANK!!! --Hot Rod when Rod Kimble wakes up from being knocked unconscious
by K. Keyto November 30, 2007
From the Ebonics for "Who is it in here that smells so bad?".
"Yo, dog...hoobastank???"
by DiceOfDeath April 06, 2005
Something about a shoe fetish.

The drummer himself said, "It's a term that people in Southern California use to describe a shoe fetish"

So there you go. Besides that, it's a band. If you hadn't caught that already.
MTV plays Hoobastank's "The Reason" too much.
by Kenjirara June 29, 2004
Room 432 at the Red Roof Inn at San Antonio
"Excuse me sir would you like to stay in the Hoobastank Suite?"
by Ranky Babby August 14, 2012
Hooba-stank is a dirty, stinky, sweaty vagina.
That bitch needs to shower, she has hooba-stank!
by Philomena February 22, 2006
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