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when your balls are glazed with poonjuice like donuts
When your done tossing my salad can you clean my honuts..
by HOCANADA January 07, 2003
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honut donut ho
Derived from the words ho and donut. It's a donut made of hos. Not to be confused with hotnut.
"That guy is such a honut!"
by Chachi Malachi June 24, 2003
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a male or female person who has whore tendencies while also being mentally unsound; this word labels an individual as crazy due to their choices, actions, and/or behaviors sexually; a person who acts crazy, insane, and/or out of control due to happenings in their sex life usually a very unsafe promiscuous sex life
Did you see who he was with last night? He has to be a honut to go out with that scary trick.
by Mette July 19, 2004
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