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A womans vag. Also known as an axe wound, beaver, cooter, clam, box, muff, slit, snatch, or many other terms.
Did you see that sexy indian girl? God I wanna poke some hontas.
by Skiz January 02, 2005
a less well-known term for vagina, twat, cooter, cunt, etc; used mainly in reference to poking.
Go poke a hontas, bitch!
by beaster September 25, 2005
As in Pocahontas. The gentials on the female homo sapien.
Did you poke her hontas?
by Helen Engel September 24, 2005
Vagina. It is derived from Pocahontas or (Poke-a-Hontas), and is traditionally used in the context of a penis that will "poke" a "hontas".
I'd like to poke a hontas tonight.

Where is all the hot hontas at?
by ds2593 October 01, 2014
A short name for Poker machines. Also know as slot machines or one arm bandits. The term refers to going and playing the "Poker-hontas".
"Barney suggested we go and slip a quick five-o in the Hontas". (i.e. Lets go and blow $50 in the poker machines)
by crashman1104 November 26, 2014
A nipple
I really wanna poke a hontas.
by Sixlckychrms August 12, 2009

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