Noun. Slang word used to refer to those of Anglo-Saxon ancestry.
You dirty honky.
The honkies are all gathered at Walmart.
by Grumpy_Eel February 17, 2005
A Cracker. White Trash.
by jonny jon July 17, 2003
A hilarious term for a white person.
I laughed when he called me a honky.
by Craig Nifong November 27, 2004
Originally "hunkie," a variation on "bohunk," a derogatory term for Eastern-European factory hands and mostly used in midwestern cities. Became corrupted to "honky"(factory hand) in the late 20s-early 30s(see Mezz Mezzrow's REALLY THE BLUES). By the late fifties came to mean blue collar whites and by the sixties white people in general.
Honkies are all assholes.
by Lord Invader October 18, 2003
Slang for a white person. The word 'honky' is considered offensive.
'Honky' is just as vulgar as the n-word and should not be used by anyone.
by Mr. X-106 October 02, 2003
The plural of honky.
Honkies: The whitest of meats.
by Der Capitan October 17, 2003
A racial slur refeering to a caucasian or white person. The term actually orginated in the south during the times of slavery. The white slave master would "honk" a horn when it was time for the slaves to work in the fields. The slaves would then call the slave master a "honkey"

For other caucasian racial slurs see "cracka"
White Man: Can you tell me how to get to south street from here?

Black Man: I ain't telling you nothing honkey!
by apples733 March 12, 2005

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