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Slang term for a white man, originating, according to a comment in the book "Beneath the underdog" by Charles Mingus, (not verbatim)
"A white man looking for a prostitute in early 20th Century Harlem who, because he didn't want to get out of his car to call a girl, he just honked to get the girls attention"

I think this is the most plausible definition.
"You hear that honky over there? He wants you, baby"
by Mingusfan March 09, 2006
50 31
a white guy.
a great term. nigger and honky are two of my favourite words.
sup honky.
sup coon.

share the racial slurs love!
by nezzzzzbotttt September 28, 2005
37 28
Either a term for a white person as used by a black person, or someone from Hong Kong.

Personally as a white girl I would not be offended if someone called me a honky, because it's way too funny-sounding to be offensive.
One of my little brother's random black friends: You stupid honky bitch!

Me: Lol
by purplefeltangel March 10, 2006
50 45
A name that a black person gives a white person.
Andrew: Quit being so black, RJ.
RJ: Shut up, Honky!
by Andrew September 01, 2004
65 61
This is used to describe hillbillies, rednecks, hoopies; etc. It's supposed to be an offensive term to them but they're probably to dumb to realize it anyways.
Preston Jasek--Son of John the Hillbilly. Preston Jasek is a Honky, therefore, he takes after his father, John the Hillbilly.
by AmazingPersonal December 08, 2010
19 16
A disrespectful term for a white person. Black people should NEVER used that word.
Black boy: Hey HONKY!
White man: What the hell did you just called me??
Black boy: Don't yell at me, white honky motherfucka!
White man: *attack*
Black boy: Ohhhh... I need a doctor.
by rise to the fight September 29, 2013
4 3
A white person who is often silly, stupid, backwards or not becoming of white culture & class in general. Usually individuals of the back country persuasion - i.e. Gun slinging, racist, totalitarian hillbillies with banjo's and thier sisters daughter for a wife.
That honky cop is one ignorant motherfucker!
by Enzo Andretti October 05, 2005
75 73