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The side effect after being sodomized with Winnie the Pooh’s favorite lubricant.
She was confined to the bathroom in the Sunset Palace with a terminal case of honey drip.
by 38 March 17, 2003
a woman's sexual appeal, or her vajoiner. made better known by led zeppelin in the song "black dog"
"hey hey mama when you walk that way i watch your honeydrip i can't keep away"
i wanna get some of that honeydrip.
by Ck July 08, 2004
When one squeezes honey into their anus, lets it marinate for a couple hours, then has their partner perform the ever-coveted TUCUS LINGUS.
"Augh, I'm so primed to go eat the fuck out of Humphrey's ass, I'm hoping he'll provide me with an extra bonus: THE HONEYDRIP."
by fabeyonce November 13, 2011
To spend time with your honey dip.
I'm honey dripping with Beyonce tonight.
by CHARESSE December 18, 2005