Appealing to the sensitivities of our gay brethren. Favored by queers.
That fuschia shirt is positively homosensual!
by Sammy Flash March 25, 2008
Top Definition
This is the True definition, I know because I have used this word countless times.

(adj) A man who is confused about his sexuality, and is not fully a homosexual. He is sensual in such ways as slightly rubbing up against another man's ass in the hallways, or possibly making a strange homo remark that is followed by silence. These are such people as Kevin Federline, stop the act, just because you banged Britney Spears can't change the fact that you are a dancer and like the meat.
"Hey man, check out the emo kid, hes sooooo homosensual"

"Dude, Kevin Federline is so homosensual, he likes the man penis he should admit it."

Joe-"Hey fellas, whats goin on you sexy beasts, hahah"
Frank-"Dude that was homosensual, your so deep in the closet that you're finding Christmas Presents."
by Nick The Man November 16, 2005
Having five senses, all of which are identical.
'Sight, sight, sight, seeing and vision' are the attributes of a vision-specific homosensual syndrome.
by Davidm March 07, 2006
Used to describe a heterosexual (usually male) confident in his sexuality enough to have gay friends and laughs at anything homoerotic.
If it ain't homoerotic, it ain't funny, Sam said in his homosensual way.
by snam May 10, 2004
Of or related to feeling homosexual.
He started getting homosensual watching his friend.
by Brad Cable July 30, 2003
A homosexual man with good fashion sense.
"Wow, that guys clothes look like an eyegasm!"
"Yeah dude, he's a homosensual."
by gbrodee April 09, 2015
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