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homophony: to pretend to be a homosexual with the intent of using the said sexual state and its attraction to women for 'friendly pueposes' to therefore gain the trust of many attractive women and then to 'have ones way with them' it's not like i've ever done it!
homophony:, hey about we get naked and have a pillow's not like i'd be turned on and it'd be good fun *attempts to stifle errection*
by lord funkington May 25, 2004
A phony homosexual.

One who pretends to be a homosexual so that the opposite sex will hug them, rub up against them, tell them their secrets, etc. becuase they are treated like one of their own.
Dude, did you see those girls cuddle up against Anthony because they were cold?

Yeah, they think he's gay, he's a total homophony.
by Karl Longcock December 16, 2009
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