A person who grew up in a society that hasn't advanced enough to accept a difference in people.
The new generation is more willing to accept homosexuality, unless their closed-minded parents pass on their hate on to them.
by Rakeyohn March 30, 2004
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Someone who repeatedly whines that homosexuals endanger family values and the sanctity of marriage, until outed as a closet case, desperately afraid of the gay person looking back in the mirror.

Someone who calls homosexuality a "lifestyle choice" but their own biology disagrees. Think about it: did you CHOOSE to be straight? As a teenager did you sit down one day and decide whether to be attracted to boys or girls?
It isn't surprising that stories about homophobes (like Bob Allen, Roy Ashburn, Bruce Barclay, Larry Craig, John Curtin, Mark Foley, Matthew Glavin, Ted Haggard, Phillip Hinkle, Glenn Murphy, Brent Parker, George Rekers, Ed Schrock, etc) often end with "was caught behind the restroom with a cock in his mouth".
by JeffGannon January 04, 2012
n. One with an irrational fear of homosexuality and homosexuals. For the most part these people seem to have little actual experience with the aforementioned.

We fear what we do not understand.
I can't have my boyfriend over because my parents are total homophobes.
by The Grammar Nazi July 26, 2002
someone who hates their house
someone who lives in a house they do not like
by godli June 06, 2005
This should mean someone who's afraid of sameness, or afraid of humans. Instead, it means someone who hates homosexuals (but may or may not actually be afraid of them).
"Why were they gay-bashing?"
"Because they're homophobes."
"But if they're scared of gays, why didn't they run screaming at the sight of them?"
"I didn't come up with the term!"
by Qit February 25, 2004

Offensive Slur.

1. Non-medical, non-scientific pejorative term used to demean and ridicule anyone who disagrees with or disapproves of aberrant, deviant, or unnatural pseudo sexual behavior, conduct or practices, i.e., aberrosexualism, bisexualism, homosexualism, lesbianism, sadomasochism, zoophilism, etc.

2. (Sexism) Offensive, pejorative term used to degrade and ridicule anyone who agrees with the universal rejection of aberrant, deviant or unnatural pseudo sexual behavior or practices.

3. (Religion) Disparaging, pejorative term used to attack and stigmatize people who believe in the well-settled Christian and/or Catholic teachings on human sexuality, marriage, and the family.

4. (Politics) Discriminatory and politicized pejorative term used by bigots to promote hate and intolerance, deny basic human rights, as well as incite and justify violence against everyone who disagrees with the extremist Aberrosexualist (aka Homosexualist) ideology.

''Homophobes'' have never been listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Homosexuals, however, are considered by many doctors and scientists as suffering from real psycho-sexual disorders requiring treatment and/or therapy. The DSM recognized that homosexuals suffer from psycho-sexual disorders until 1973 when homosexualism was arbitrarily censored from the DSM due to the irrational fears and coercive pressures of Aberrosexualist groups, and not due to any clinical studies or medical research.
1. A “homophobe” is not someone who fears or dislikes aberrosexuals, but rather anyone Aberrosexualists fear or dislike.

2. Although the “homophobe” slur has a clinical ring to it, medically or scientifically there is simply no such condition.

3. Aberrosexualists disparagingly call a “homophobe” everyone who exercises their basic right to disagree with aberrosexualist ideology.

4. The only ones who use the “homophobe” slur are bigots, idiots, and ignoramuses.
by Ortho Communicator June 19, 2010
The fear or disgust of homosexuals. These kind of people need to grow up and accept the fact that some people just prefer the same sex and not the opposite.
Man 1: Dude, look at those two faggots! I swear, I'll beat them up if they ever touch me!
Man 2: Hey, look, lesbians!
Man 1: COOL!
by Zerg Rushin' Fun August 06, 2004
An uneducated moron who believes your sexual orientation has any impact on your content as a person.
"Ah hayt theym fag-guts."
by Shinigami June 13, 2003
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