A person who acts gangsta but takes it in the ass see faggot

A male who wears pink and thinks its the shit it aint nigga ya damn homothug
see dipset
nigga 1: Yo i just bought a pink tee and some pink and white uptowns i look good
nigga 2: Get the fuck away from me
nigga 1: why nigga?
nigga 2: cuz u be a damn homothug
by Thelostwind October 03, 2004
One who is openly heterosexual, but behind closed doors is a closet homosexual.
A mn or woman who dates one of the opposite sex, but without their knowledge is sleeping with someone who is of the same sex
by Damelia December 17, 2003
a lot of your brothers, cousins, uncles, and friends!!!Dont sleep!
need i say more??????
by blksung March 04, 2004
A guy (probably white) thats thinks he's gangsta when he's not. Ends up looking like a stupid fag.
Most likely to:
1. Speak in ebonics
2. Say he's in a gang and call himself a hustla
3. Explain the dangers of his 'hood even though in reality he lives in the suburbs (probably never even seen a ghetto)
4. Hook up their cars for show and wear brand name clothes and doo-rags
5. Start fights over anything and everything just for the sake of it, talks mad shit they can't back up
6. When confronted, make up excuses NOT to fight because he's scared of getting beat down (cuz he either gets his ass beat often or never got in a real fight)
7. Sell weed and carry some sort of weapon that he don't know how to use
8. Think he will become the next rap superstar
9. Brag about his criminal record and how he runs the streets
"Kevin Federline is such a homo thug"
"I cracked that homo thug in the jaw and he cried like a bitch!"
by Brianne1979 January 04, 2006

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