Although homework is generally thought to be negative by the large part of the student population, it actually does have benefits. The main thing that makes teachers go wrong with it is by over doing it. The reason for homework is to refresh and sustain the things that you learned in class. Reasonable for math: worksheet with 15-25 problems depending on level of difficulty. What teachers actually assign: 50 math problems that take an average of 4 minutes to calculate. If we had reasonable assignments, which we sometimes do, homework would not have the extreme negative connotations that it does.
In a perfect world:
Teacher: Alright kids, for your ninth grade English homework today read a chapter, and write a four sentence summary.
Kids: Ok! That should take about twenty minutes! Yay!

Teacher: Alright kids, for your ninth grade English homework today read five chapters, and give me a page on the representation of disestablishmentarianism in the novel.

#school #learning #life #is #fun
by avadakedavra January 12, 2011
or a better description
a tool teachers use to control their students,and to remind them about school 24 seven,it actually adds to your school hours,aproximately 2-5 hours
depending on how much you slacked off *me its 5* so,pretty much,schoolwork at home,home-work,school-work
and...shit...its hell...blah...O_O
by O_O-age 13 September 20, 2003
the extra-curricular activity done at home, as opposed to school-work.
Homework sucks dick.
by n00b pwnage December 18, 2004
Cruel and unusual punishment created simply to make students unhappy, and to distract them from thinking about the opposite sex, the internet, their friends, the mall, the TV, or any other possible forms of entertainment. It's work, reviewing tedius classes that you sat through or talked through, or slept through in school. Usually homework takes many hours, unless you have "very little homework", which is also related to heavenly.
"Guh, I have so much damned homework tonight, I don't think that I can go over April's house. Doesn't that suck?"
by Brian-Sue January 22, 2004
Work assigned daily from teachers. You work hard all night getting the work from that day done, and get even more the next day. Gets progressivly worse as you get older.
In kindergarten our homework was to jumprope 50 times. We had that assignment twice, and no other homework. Now we have at least two or three essays a week along with a whole crapload of other assignments from the rest of our classes. And most of the teachers suck at teaching.
#hell #teachers #school #work #satan
by Leah was here January 08, 2006
(Noun) a punishment given to students by evil teachers after the students have already put in 7 hours of hard labor:(
homework is done at home
#evil #torture #wrong #cruel #unjust #satan #crap
by grrrrrrrryyfhjlkh November 29, 2005
A form of punishment that teachers give to there students because they are too bored to do an in class assignment!
My teachers are so mean, they gave me all this homework!
by Roger March 10, 2005
Let me tell you why teachers must give homework. They must give homework because in order survive, they have to know that they are causing someone to suffer at all times. If they lose this reassuring bit of knowledge they become very paranoid and cannot sleep. Thus if they don't give homework they cannot cause more suffering the next day due to lack of sleep, and the meaning in their life is lost. Why must they hurt people all the time you ask? because they realize they are failures as people. They wanted to be movie stars and millionaires but then they became a teacher. Because of this they have to hurt others in order to try and fulfill their shallow meaningless existence. bottom line: they have to hurt others at all times because they are angry so they give homework.
(9:00 pm)

Teacher: Oh my God! I forgot to give homework! That means that those students might be doing something fun right now (gasp!) or even worse, THEY COULD BE DOING SOMETHING WORTHWHILE WITH THEIR TIME!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
#pain #school #teacher #evil #wrong
by superninjapenguin March 03, 2007
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