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To get robbed at gun point in your own home
Yo, I just got home invasioned last night..they tied me up in a knot, and took every damn thing that I got.
by Steve-Rob September 08, 2006
A colonoscopy is an examination of the colon and small bowel with a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube passed through the anus.
I'm going for my home invasion this week. They better have sterilised the camera since the last patient!

I'm having a home invasion with Doctor Proctor. Will he send flowers and chocolates afterwards?
by GregFresser October 31, 2011
The act of masturbating with your off hand after you have been sitting on it. therefore restricting blood-flow to the hand making it numb aka("the stranger"). All while wearing a leather glove.
Jim made the mistake of of trying a home invasion without lube. ouch.
by yoursosillyjim October 17, 2010
Thats when you kick the door in and duct tap everyone in the house. you proceed to ask were you keep the doe. then pop shots till they snitch.
yo son we got on some straight up home invasion shit and robbed all them byrds.
by Bwiggles February 14, 2008
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