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A colonoscopy is an examination of the colon and small bowel with a fiber optic camera on a flexible tube passed through the anus.
I'm going for my home invasion this week. They better have sterilised the camera since the last patient!

I'm having a home invasion with Doctor Proctor. Will he send flowers and chocolates afterwards?
by GregFresser October 31, 2011
Someone who is so dull;

A person's presence - when they walk in to a room, it feels as if someone has left walked out.

Someone who would not make an impression on a pillow.
No matter what he did, Howard has such a charisma bypass. He was unable to make an impact on anyone.

He lacked so much energy, his doctor must have given him a charisma bypass.
by GregFresser September 22, 2013
So incredibility unmotivated.
So unbelievably tired.
So over the top exhausted
So tired he can't even muster up the strength to say lethargic.
Alvin was so leth he couldn't be bothered to answer the phone next to him.
Joanne was so leth she didn't have the energy to change the channel on the remote control.
by GregFresser September 22, 2013
The fear a bar mitzvah boy has on the day he is called up to the torah in the Temple/Synagogue to become a man.

The fear of being asked to read from the torah at the temple/synagogue.
Despite learning his torah portion for a full year, on the day of his bar mitzvah, Joel was so torahfied, he started singing an octave higher than normal.

James was not a regular synagogue attender and quite unconfident with the flow of the temple/synagogue service. So he became rather torahfied once the the Rabbi gave him the honour of being 'called up' for a torah blessing.
by GregFresser January 17, 2012
To actively add toxins back in to your body.
What a binge that was last night. I'm retoxing and loving it.

With all that smoking, drinking and you know what, my kidney and liver are in overdrive while I'm retoxing.
by GregFresser December 05, 2011
That point in time when a parent overstays their short welcome with their adolescent's friends.

That feeling a parent gets that emanates from the back of a car - usually accompanied by uncomfortable silence from a teen.

That feeling an adolescent gets in front of their friends - when their parents say anything remotely friendly, clever or welcoming beyond hello.

Phil Dunfy.
Angie felt completely dorkward when her Dad would NOT speak with her friends. How could he be so embarrassing?
The next day Angie felt completely dorkward when her Dad spoke with her friends. How could he be so embarrassing?

Although he tried covering up, Phil Dunfy felt completely dorkward with Hayley at college orientation.

Each Saturday Kylie felt dorkward whenever it was her Dad's turn to take her and three girl friends for the 20 minute ride to athletics.
by GregFresser September 26, 2013
A person's increasingly unpleasant nature.
The process of becoming a grumpier old man.
A person who is becoming duller and duller.
It was obvious to many that Harvey's worsenality caused him to alienate too many people.
As with many people over 50, Joe's worsenality made him picky and judgemental.
Kim's worsenality meant less invitations to scrabble, bridge and twister. Instead he was reduced to watching re-runs of Bewitched and Green Acres
by GregFresser September 23, 2013

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