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A.A person who looks halfway decent,but not really your type.
B.Instead of str8 up hurting someone's feelings when they not all that ugly,just tell them u got hollatude,but im not interested. got three sets of people ugly,decent,and then you got gorgeous.Ugly not even in the category decent is the definition of hollatude and gorgeous is Trey songz or Hallie berry the reason the word even perfectly show the difference between the three categories.
"Excuse me miss can i talk to you 4 a sec.I saw u from across the room and was wondering if u would like a friend i'm trying to get to know you"

(for whatever reason your not interested(guy or girl))

Idk i'm not really interested u got hollatude and all.I'm just not looking for a friend or a companion right now.
by BookieBootZ' June 19, 2010
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