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When you are a guy and you look at another guy's nuts.
I just caught you price checking that guy.
#nut #ball #price #peeping tom #pricecheck
by KTL October 17, 2005
1. A metaphoric phrase used when you want to point out a hot girl/guy.

2. A phrase used when you want a "score" for a person you find attractive.
"Dayuuummmm. Can I get a price check?"

"He had some gorgeous prices."
#price #check #score #girl #guy
by Mitch Mangum November 06, 2007
A fine guy or girl. A guy or girl who looks really good. A really good looking girl or guy.
Damn girl that's a price check!!!!

Price check!!!!

Look at that price check over there.
by 4biddenFantasy August 29, 2005
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