(Coined officially here by Bustya Lipbitch March 14 '08)

(verb) To be shut up by forcible means.

Yet another entry from the Lipbitch vocabulary.
(Quoted from: "The Guru's Bunched Panties" by Bustya Lipbitch)

The moderator who removed my post said he did so because it didn't belong in the thread. I concede that much to big brother, but the griping-guru was liplet and I was censored because I slapped him holed-up on his own board.
by Bustya Lipbitch March 14, 2008
Top Definition
Sitting at your PC - day and night - in the dark in your jammies without any human interaction.
Bob was holed up all week playing doom. He needs to get a life!
by Danielle November 16, 2004
1. To hibernate in or as if in a hole.
2. Informal To take refuge in or as if in a hideout.
Do you remember that little farmhouse we were holed up in?
---From <i>NCIS.Season4.Episode1
by Sam.Zhu September 21, 2006
An action meaning to go MIA, hibernate or go into hiding, often with a loved one. The person often doesn't respond to texts or calls during this time.
Sarah: Where hell have you been? I've been texting you for days!!

Lynn: The boyfriend and I have been holed up since Friday, and I'm finally coming up for air. Good times.

by wildcatavm March 30, 2008
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