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Hot Jewish Ass.

Variation: Hotjass
"Where's Sophie?"

"Oh, she's busy stalking Jason Schwartzman."

"Yeah, I don't blame her. He's a fine piece of hojass."
#hot #jewish #ass #sexy #jew
by iamsharelle October 25, 2007
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Term used to describe someone who is extremely hot, with an extremely hot ass, who is also jewish. Hot-Jewish-Ass
"Can I offer you a little Hojass with your unleven bread and Manishevitz wine?"

"why you most certainly can if you serve it up in those fine pants. I like the way your junk fights with the fabric"
#hotjapaneseass #hot #ass #jew banger #junk
by luluintoronto November 07, 2007
Hot jewish ass.

Variant: hotjass
- Where's Sophie?
- Oh, I think she's out stalking Jason Schwartzman.
- Yeah I don't blame her, he's a fine piece of hojass.
#hot #jewish #ass #sexy #jew
by iamsharelle October 31, 2007
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