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acting like a hoe; one who gets around
Julie acts hoish because she comes knocking on many guys doors looking for a late night hookup.
by SHIFFMAN October 23, 2006
Exclamation that can be used in almost any situation. Usually connected to movement such as throwing, punching or jumping. Originated in Lincolnshire, UK, where young male warehouse workers shouted the word as they threw away unwanted fruit produce. Now most frequently used in online gaming, especially by the Halo 2 clan 'Neuromancer'. 'Hoish' is often shortened to hoi' in fast paced scenarios, or simply for added comic effect. Use of the word is rapidly spreading throughout UK youth culture.
A man drives his car off a cliff at full speed, shouting "Hoooooiiiiiissssshhhhhhh!" all the way down.
by Adam R G Porter esq. January 26, 2005
one who is ho-like in appearance or thought
"Ugh, put a bra on, you look all hoish."
by carolinesunshine:) January 18, 2005
anything pertaiting to that which may be concerning a ho or ho-like qualities
yo she got some damn ho-ish clothes
by ripndip November 06, 2003
Abbreviation for: "how old, is she hot"
It is used when someone is talking about a girl and you reply with "HOISH" meaning how old is she and also is she attractive.
Friend 1: "hey I was talking to this girl the other day and her and her friends want to meet up with us"

Friend 2: "Hoish"

Friend 1: "she's 21 and heaps hot
by Mhatzi February 27, 2013
To throw something with vigour.
Give that ball a good hoish.
by Daniel Simpson January 24, 2005
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