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"Who's the hoghead on the maltby turn? "
by witty from seattle May 11, 2016
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The act of fellatio as performed on top of a moving motorcycle.
"Rusty Sparks crashed his bike and died. I heard he was getting hoghead at the time."
by rockfan69 January 17, 2006
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A person with a hog head has a big, fatass head, just like a hog
My friend Chung, a sumo-wrestler, has a hog head because he is so big. He weighs like 500 lbs
by acchill April 10, 2016
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1. A large bundle of cured tobacco which is wrapped in burlap sheet on the farm and taken to the tobacco market. This large bundle usually weights in excess of 250lbs.
2. A bucolic person with a large head; This person's head is larger than the average person and is due to genetics or a large amount of hair on the head. This person may be a "redneck"
1. That hoghead of tobacco should bring about $800.00 at the tobacco market.
2. Man, that dude Rick is a hoghead; he cant find a hat to fit his big head, so maybe he can just wear the box the hat came in!
by bullcityword February 10, 2011
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Getting oral sex from an obese woman.
"My frat had a pig party and I ended up getting hoghead from some drunk fat chick."
by Vanoc March 22, 2010
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