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When a man is performing anal on a woman, and pulls his penis out and wipes it on his roommate's pillow.
"Yeah - my roomie drank the last beer the other night so when I nailed a chick on his bed and gave him the dirty roommate."
by Vanoc March 12, 2010
The act of putting fish, usually raw, into hidden areas or objects to putrify as a means of revenge. Usually done in areas not used day to day, like storage lockers or in suitcases so that the victim doesn't come across the smell until much later,thereby leaving a permanent fishy odor. A delayed revenge where the prankster can be long gone prior to the victim finding out he's been wronged.
"My roommate went to Cancun and left me watching his damn cat. He was supposed to bring me back something choice but all he got me was some cheap ass airport trinket so I totally Samurai revenged his suitcase. Next time he travels, he won't forget to bring me something."
by Vanoc March 19, 2010
Getting oral sex from an obese woman.
"My frat had a pig party and I ended up getting hoghead from some drunk fat chick."
by Vanoc March 22, 2010
Getting oral sex from an someone after they have eaten spicy or pepper laden foods.

Can also be applied to getting a hand job after the applicaiton of deep heat or deep heat like liquids.
"We went to hot pot last night and afterwards my girl went down on me. It was great until I got a smoking pole because she didn't rinse the pepper tang out of her mouth!"
by Vanoc March 22, 2010
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