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Hummer: An SUV which comes in three models:
H1: used by military and Arnold; its huge like Arnold and only gets around 8 miles to a gallon or about the same gas mileage as Chevy duelly pickup
H2: The most popular civilian model. It is full time 4 wheel drive and can ford 2 feet of water at speed. It gets about 12-16 MPG, which is comparable in mileage to a chevy 2500, ford f-250 or a chevy avalanch
H3: The smallest hummer in the GMC line up. This truck comes with a choice of two engines: A 5 cylinder or the V-8. While the 5 cylinder is adequete, the V-8 Alpha model is superb at towing. The H3 is based on the colorado truck body and gets between 16 and 20 miles per gallon. The H3 can do everything off road that that H2 can do but with better mileage. The H3 gas mileage compares with an average america pickup truck like the chevy colorado, or ford f 150.
1. That hummer H1 is so big, Arnold carries all his weight lifting equipement with him when he is on the road.

2. That Hummer H2 gets about the same gas mileage as a chevy avalanche.

3. The Hummer H3 is a nice ride with decent gas mileage; its too bad people stereotype the H3 with the H1.
by bullcityword February 10, 2011
1. A large bundle of cured tobacco which is wrapped in burlap sheet on the farm and taken to the tobacco market. This large bundle usually weights in excess of 250lbs.
2. A bucolic person with a large head; This person's head is larger than the average person and is due to genetics or a large amount of hair on the head. This person may be a "redneck"
1. That hoghead of tobacco should bring about $800.00 at the tobacco market.
2. Man, that dude Rick is a hoghead; he cant find a hat to fit his big head, so maybe he can just wear the box the hat came in!
by bullcityword February 10, 2011
Millerhead: An alcoholic who drinks Miller Beer daily. A true Millerhead will not drink other brands or forms of alchohol or beer-only Miller Beer
That dude Frank, is a real MillerHead; that is in 4th sixpack of Miller beer tonight!
by bullcityword February 10, 2011
Dry Cod: 1. a person with no sense of humour; a rigid, unyielding person; a boring person with no flair or zest. A dry cod may be old, young, male or female. 2. A man who is a sexual loser. One who cannot "get it up". An older man who is viewed as ineffectioal. 3. A piece of cod fish that is past its prime or over cooked which results in a dried out, non tasty fish product.
1. My boss, Tom, is a real dry cod, he always goes by the book and never makes a joke or small talk. 2. Old man Sherman hasnt been laid in 50 years! What a dry cod! 3. That cod fish from Whole Foods was dry as dust. Thats a real dry cod!
by bullcityword April 06, 2011

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